Dedicated to reconceptualizing mental disorders as brain disorders.

Welcome to the Neuroanalysis Society

Dr. Abraham Peled, founder of Neuroanalysis, established The Neuroanalysis Society in 2019 to advance and promote the science of Neuroanalysis throughout the psychiatric community.


Why join the Neuroanalysis Society? 

The Society is dedicated to the search for effective treatments for brain disorders and cure for psychiatric illnesses.  Joining the Society gives you a front seat into this exciting new world.  Be the first to learn about the latest breakthroughs in Neuroanalysis research, high tech applications and improvements in patient care. 

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Neuroanalysis in a nutshell

Neuroanalysis reconceptualizes mental disorders as brain disorders based on the new literature of complex-systems neuroscience.

Neuroanalysis uses Clinical Brain Profiling as the theoretical set of testable predictions which translate the spectrum of psychiatric phenomenology into brain-related (etiological) terminology.

Neuroanalysts will use the Brain Profiler software and technology to validate the testable-predictions formulated by clinical brain profiling, leading to the discovery of the causes of mental disorders.

Utilizing Brain-Profiler technology coupled with the development of Clinical Brain Profiling, Neuroanalysts can be in a position to reach brain-enhancing interventions that will effectively cure mental disorders.

Neuroanalysis is the future of psychiatry and as members of NAS you will be part of that bright future. Join Today  and we will contact you shortly.